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Back End Developer

Hello, I am a freelance back-end developer in Orléans based France, mainly in Symfony. Welcome to my portfolio !

/ What I do.

Some of my lastest projects

Websites Creation

& E-Commerce

I create a completely personalized site for you, in your image and meeting your needs. Whether you want to redesign your site or create a site from A to Z, I am here to support you and help you achieve your goals.

Symfony Development

& Application

All the sites I create are developed with Symfony, which allows total customization of your pages and great freedom of action. I design sites that adapt to you and your use.

Digital Strategy

& Communication

I support you in the development of your digital strategy. SEO optimization, SEA campaign, display, social networks, Newsletter, I advise you and put in place the appropriate tools conducive to traffic generation.

/ Projects.

Some project I've done.

Here are some of my works, personal and clients projects, that I created with each project containing its own case study. I'm learning and gaining new skills every day.

/ Jobs.

Some companies where I've worked.

Need a Web Developer for your project ?

I'm always happy to hear about exciting opportunities. You can hire me as a Web Developer for your project on Upwork

/ About Me

Who Am I ?

After 8 years working as a technician and then a systems and network administrator, I discovered web development thanks to Drupal, then WordPress for 8 years, and freelance since 2020, I trained as a FullStack web developer and I specialized in Back-End development. A passion has been confirmed.

I am a dreamer, curious, passionate. my background is geek, creative,. I have two dogs (Jack Russels: Izzy and Yako). I have 44 years old. I like good food, a good bottle of wine, drunk with my friends. I love cheese. I think too much. I am a perfectionist. I often have self-confidence, but I am anxious. Idealist, I hate injustices. I like to discover new cultures. I do powerlifting. I've worked in IT for various groups, and I'm passionate about IT, web design, music and travel. I invest myself thoroughly in my work and in the projects of my clients, I am rigorous, I know how to adapt. Dad of a little boy and in love with his mom, I'm happy. I like my job. I hate wearing shirts.

Bootstrap Themes

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